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Post  The Lone Ranger on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:37 am

I guess I have been rude to my fellow hosts by not telling a little bit about my self before posting on this site. I made a promise to myself before I start this forum process again to take it slow and not repeat mistakes I have made at the Karaoke Scene forum from which I have been exiled for life. My parents were children during the Great Depression and were deeply involved in World War II, many of my values were formed by their experiences. It is true that history may not repeat itself but there are patterns if one looks hard enough. At 17 out of high school I volunteered for the military during the Vietnam War. That started a military/federal government career that lasted for the next 37 years. I have a degree in History with a minor in business, focused on marketing advertising. I'm part of that generation that feels life long service to one's country is not a crime. When I turned 50 I decided to find something to do when I retired from government service. I have always been a collector of music and have a flare for entertainment, since I had spent most of my life doing a job, job, I decided to do something I enjoy for a change. I was into karaoke and had a very good friend that was a host, it looked like this might be something I would like doing, and the rest just came together. I worked my day job and did the hosting on the side and slowly developed my hobby/business, which has been going on for the last 17 years now. I focus on customer service, and not so much on the number of songs I have. Some of my views on the industry are viewed with some disapproval as being too radical on the issues concerning piracy. I respect all fellow hosts since we all do the same job, the way that service is given varies and that is what makes a horse race and a market place. I not very good with the computer or the forum setting and I hope if I offend anyone, that they know it is not intentional. Thank You

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