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Post  Glory7 Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:42 am

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to meeting some new friends and maybe learn a few things along the way. I am here basically for my wife, but I also have much interest in Karaoke. My wife is into music and she wanted to set up a small recording system using Karaoke. I purchased a Karaoke (Model USA GF829) as a gift for Christmas and we wanted to do a small recording to test it, but was a little (LOT...lol) confused. It came with some CDs, but they consisted of vocals so when she tried to record she was blocked out by the vocals on the CDs. Is there any way to mute the vocals so we can just receive the Music? I was thinking maybe I would need another program to work this machine. Would appreciate any help.
We are just starting out so if there are any questions I would be more than glad to answer. them.
Thank you,


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