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Please don't cup the mic!

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Please don't cup the mic! Empty Please don't cup the mic!

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:13 pm

Dear karaoke singer,

I know you think it is cool to cup (holding the microphone by the top (bulb) the microphone 'cause you want to look and sound like your favorite singer. Here is the reality:

1. It damages the diaphram in the mic head.
2. It does not make you sound better, in fact it make you sound really bad.
3. It can cause feedback, resulting in damage to the speakers
4. It is a nightmare for the host to try to make you sound even reasonabilly good.
5. It is very bad on the equipment .
6. Beat Boxing into the mic is also very bad for the mic.
7. Dropping the mic will damage it too!
My mics are very expensive to replace and are my property, so please respect my property.

Most singers have no real idea how much mics and cords cost!

Thank you!


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Please don't cup the mic! Empty Re: Please don't cup the mic!

Post  Centerdriver on Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:41 pm

To chime in, don't try to swing the mic around by the cord or try to use the mic stand, monitor etc as a rest. Things are made for specific purposes and are expensive to repair/replace.

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