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New SC Tracks To Be Released By PEP?

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New SC Tracks To Be Released By PEP? Empty New SC Tracks To Be Released By PEP?

Post  The Lone Ranger on Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:24 pm

Cool It would seem the Phoenix is trying to rise from the ashes of SC.  It has been revealed on K/S by Jim Harrington that the new product will be released for the first time in years by the manu formally known as SC. To combat the risk of theft and piracy only a select few will be permitted to obtain these new tracks.  According to Jim, "Advance tracks will not be available to non-licensees.  If you are not compliant with our policies, you will not be able to obtain these tracks legally".  This would definitely make it easier to spot a pirate since there would only be a few hosts that should have the new product. If it showed up during a performance by a non licensed host, PEP would have them dead to rights, wouldn't they? The cost for the new product will be steep $30.00 for 8 tracks, getting into the custom disc price range. One question I have is if only licensees are to have access to the product, where does that leave the loyal Certified hosts, and Original Disc Based SC users?  

All this for the dubious honor of using the SC product.  Some hosts think they can't run their business without this brand. Naturally all of the SC/PEP supporters think this is the best thing since the wheel. Unfortunately there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  This particular wheel has been broken for some time.  It is not known exactly what the new product would look like at this point.  So hosts rushing to get licensed with GEM or the PEP Operator's license with it's $200.00 a month charge, should in my opinion wait.  After all you don't want to buy a pig in a poke.  I originally decided to boycott the SC product, and I never regretted my decision. Legal karaoke hosts are barely making it now, at least the single mom and pop operator.  Having to pay protection money every month and inflated prices for discs of unknown quality and content doesn't make financial sense.  Only large scale karaoke entertainment operations could afford to pay the fees associated with the SC trademark.  

These SC/PEP supporters make me seriously ill.  They wait in line to kiss the backside of Kurt and Jim.  They kiss the hand that slaps them, and lick the boot that kicks them.  No brand is worth this type of humiliation.  The reason SC aka PEP must charge so much, is to help pay their new business partner EMI their cut of the take.  They were forced to take on this new partner and now they are trying to force hosts to make them their partners.  This new product is just a lure to hook more hosts into one of the two licensing formats offered by PEP.  It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, like drugs just say no to SC.

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