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Has The Time Come To Go Finally To The Simple Karaoke Operator's License?

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Has The Time Come To Go Finally To The Simple Karaoke Operator's License? Empty Has The Time Come To Go Finally To The Simple Karaoke Operator's License?

Post  The Lone Ranger on Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:30 am

Cool  Quite sometime ago I brought up the idea of having  a simple karaoke operator's license, to cover hosts that wished to use karaoke in a commercial setting.  At the time I was attacked by the legal hosts as being a pirate supporter, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Now SC offers for a price an operator's license without an audit, for use of  their trademark.  Does this mean that SC is giving aid and comfort to the enemy?  Have they become pirate supporters?  ASCAP is basically asking for the same thing, the ability to license companies that wish to use copyrighted material for their particular commercial application.  If it was such a bad idea a few years ago why is it the way to go now?

The reason is quite simple the present legal process engaged by SC aka Phoenix LLC. and to a lesser extent Pirate Recovery LLC. is a failure.  According to the figures given out by these two companies, in the six years the legal equals sales business model has been in effect, the number of hosts has increased 10%, and the number of settled cases is less than 2%.  This means they are further in the hole than when they started.  Both the parent companies CB and SC have for all practical reasons ceased to exist.  Both have moved their assets to other companies, the legal recovery parts were made over into LLC's. It is just a matter of time before the legal suits facing SC will force the company into either foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Jim is trying to protect company assets of SC by his legal moves.  His actions indicate to me that SC will lose the pending EMI litigation, when this happens they themselves will be what they have sued others for pirates.  They used copyrighted material without permission and paying the proper fees, for a commercial purpose.

Now if ASCAP's legislation was passed anyone that wanted to use the copyrighted material for a commercial purpose could get the licensing for their particular entertainment application.  It's simple one stop licensing in order that anyone who wished to use copyrighted material in a commercial venture would be covered.  No more of this having to get permission from every individual producer, you pay your license fee and your covered against possible legal actions.  So we have come full circle, and the bad idea is now the right idea.  This is the only way to insure that everyone that is using the copyrighted material is paying into the system.  When a venue owner is wondering if they should hire a host all they have to say is where is your operator's license?  The only negative is whether the ASCAP's legislation will consider karaoke hosting important enough to issue a license?  As of right now I don't know if they are thinking about this particular commercial use?

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