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Has anyone tried the Karaoke Cloud yet?

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Has anyone tried the Karaoke Cloud yet? Empty Has anyone tried the Karaoke Cloud yet?

Post  Rumbolt Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:10 pm

Has anyone signed up for the Cloud (pro)?

I have added a second system with another KJ working for me and at $99 a month (subscription for cloud) and extra karaoke cdgs I already owned that is not currently available through the cloud it is working great. The venue is happy and I now have extra revenue coming in. The platform is simple to use althought since I have been using compuhost , for me going to the PCDJ "Karaoki" is a step back. No rotation scroll and you have to enter the song first then the singer. Overall it is a slick setup. For me is was a cost effective way to increase business and pick up an additional tax deduction as well.
My recommendation is if you are looking to generate more revenue with minnimal investment, it is good business sense! Even my account likes the idea.


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