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KH Athena says Hello

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KH Athena says Hello Empty KH Athena says Hello

Post  kjathena on Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:46 am

Most of those here know me but for those those don't Here's a brief into.

My husband and I own a legal multi-rig karaoke business in Florida. We are certified by SC CB and Stellar after passing all three audits(for 3 systems). We run digital and have converted all our LD's and CDG's for ease of set up.Currently My husband and step-son are running 5 (cross your fingers hopefully 7 a week very soon) shows a week. At our peak we had 15 shows running(then came the huge pirate influx). I do run shows when my health allows and do a lot of the support work behind the scenes and working the crowd when my husband is running shows. I am VERY anti-pirate and very vocal about it. I hope everyone finds something to help answer their questions on this site. Laughing

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