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Post  Dan Gaines on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:21 am

I hail from the tiny state of Connecticut. I first got started because no one knew how to run a rotation that was fair to everyone. One host where I went to his shows used a DJ style rotation that if your song fit with the mood at the time you got to sing, otherwise you saw people get get up three or four times before you even got one song in. By that time you've decided to leave without singing that one song. That was over 17 years ago. Since 1993 I have had a system of one form or another but found it hard to get shows due to my shy personality when not running a show and the fact that one company had the area locked up with their systems. Granted that was before piracy came into the picture. I moved to where I am now in 1998 and found that most shows used cdr's and shared songs between each other's systems. One even sold copies of the pioneer CDGS to friends. I refused to get into that habit and was happy adding to my library as the discs came out. I didn't buy every disc that came out though. I was very picky and ended up with only 800 discs mostly SC. I made the mistake of allowing my girlfriend's friends move in and had several thefts of my equipment and discs. The final theft happened 3 days before I moved out where I lost every computer save my toughbook computer. Since I moved away from my girlfriend's friends I have not had any theft and that was from April on of this year. The biggest enjoyment of my life was getting to meet several of the members of this board in person.

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